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This traditional laos textile is a two piece textile, handwoven and sewn together by Tai Lue woman using their locally grown, hand spun cotton, using natural dyes (red colour extracted from the resin of Coccus Lacca insect and black extracted from evony fruit) on a manual loom.

They use different patterns to represent nature like diamond stars, sunflowers, elefants or birds. And also motifs of positive spirits like siho (elefant lion) or naga (mythological snake from mekong´s river) for home protection and good luck. This decoration is made by adding extra wefts during the weaving process to the top and bottom of the cloth. The warp ends have been knotted with a macrame technique.

These traditionl household ítems like sheets, blankets or door curtains that mothers wove for their daughters and handed down on their weeding day from generation to generation.

Dimensions:  L. 150 cm x W. 100 cm

| Laos

CARE & USE: This product is handmade unique piece. Sunlight and time might have had an effect on the piece (e.g. color variation). Dry cleaning.

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