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Cotton ikat tablecloth. The term Ikat comes from the Malay word Mengikat which means “to tie”, “knot”. It is a dyeing technique used to make patterns on textiles by creating strings on the strands before the fabric is fabricated. 

This is a modern textile woven using Halus technique which literally means “fine woven modern technique”. The weaver maintains the traditional motifs of Indonesian textiles inspire on daily life, like animals (some real and others mythological that serve as protection), plants, flowers and bands of different colors and sizes created from of narrow lines. For dots and dashes. 

The cotton is soft and light which makes it perfect as a tablecloth.

Size: 240 x 120 cm

| Java Island (Indonesia)

CARE & USE: This is a handmade product, therefore items can be slightly different one from another. Dry Cleaning.

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