Atlas is a compilation of handmade goods and unique pieces found throughout the world in a variety of artisan’s ateliers and local markets. Different home goods like wooden kitchen utensils, tableware and crockery, textiles and baskets, all created from natural raw materials. Beautiful and functional objects that belong to different cultures and traditions, were carefully handpicked for home decoration and daily use.

Traditionally crafts were handmade products for everyday life: tableware for serving meals, basketry for gathering the harvest, wooden utensils for cooking or textiles to wear. These items were the basis of the natural economy of rural areas. The items made followed a traditional style for every region, they were functional pieces built to last for as long as possible. For this reason, the materials used in the process of making them were of high qualtiy and the technique used was taught from generation to generation; becoming an exquisit sample of folk art.

With the passion of getting to know other cultures and the desire of mantaining their genuine customs, Atlas searchs for specific items that belong to a lifestyle where crafts are seen as useful products that are the result of a job well-done, whom reflect the importance of trade profession, indiviudal characteristic of tradition and the special value of simple and beautiful design.