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Traditional textile from Boti, an área in West Timor. It is a three panel Blankets of handspun cotton woven on a backtrap loom and then sewn together creating a unique piece. The warp technique use is called “buns”, which consits in wrapping of individual colored weft threads around the plain lengthwise warp threads while still on the loom.

In contrast to Sumbanese textiles, which primarily focuses on motifs depicting animals, or human ancestors,the fabrics of Timor portrays plants, flowers and miscelaneous bands of finely ikated stripes. Allthough the cocodrile figure is present in many textiles. The crocodile, as the totem of ‘Uis Neno’ is the supreme being of the animist religión. Sometimes these figures are very lifelike and sometimes they are more stylised where you have to use your imagination. The traditional colours use in textiles are rich reddish-brown from morida plant, deep blue form indigo , black from from iron-rich mud and White from the natural cotton thread.

Size: 140 x 70 cm

| Timor Island (Indonesia)

CARE & USE: This is a handmade product, therefore items can be slightly different one from another. Dry Cleaning.

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