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The Vine Bags are handmade bags of natural, wild-growing (no chemicals and 100% sustainable) Piat vine fiber. Handmade following Laos traditional style of one shoulder strap and tassels on each end. Traditionally used to carry items to and from the fields, e.g. kindling or food.
The process of making consists in harvest the vine,then dry it, twist it into rope and weave it.
These items are handmade by rural artisans, primarily ethnic minority women from “Kmhmu” community, whom support livelihood through their traditional skills.


  – Small: L. 30 cm / H. 19 cm approx.

  – Big: L. 37 cm / H. 28 cm approx.

Color: Natural

| Laos

CARE & USE:  This is a handmade product, therefore items can be slightly different one from another. Wash by hand with soap. To avoid shrinkage load the bag with cargo while air drying. Safe iron with cloth on top. To remove stains you can use bleach, but only a litle amount so the vine´s cord doesn´t lose its strength.

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