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These traditional asian cooling tools are handmade brass skimmers with a mesh plaited handle. They are use for boiling and frying food. One has a dipper use for noodles; another one has a flat base use for dumplings or fried eggs; and the third one, looking like a soup spoon, is for little or round pieces like vegetables or fishballs. They are use in hot-pots (asian broth) to hold food while cooking in the stock, therefore it is needed one per person.
The origin of these kitchen tools belong a to chinese and japanese culture, however its use has spread to many Southeast Asia countries (like Thailand). Nowadays they have been replace for modern industrial skimmers, making them very hard to find.


 -Deep Brass Skimmer: Diam. 8 cm / L.29 cm 

 -Flat Brass Skimmer: Diam. 10 cm/L. 28 cm

 -Small Brass Skimmer: diam. 7 cm / L. 24 cm

Color: Golden

| Thailand

CARE & USE: Not safe for dishwasher

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