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This Blanket Trays are round, concave base baskets, handwoven with bamboo strips tied up to a thick wooden edge. They can also be use as a magazine rack, a centerpiece on a table or as a kitchen tray. These, day to day, tools are use for sifting seeds, winnowing rice, washing beans sprouts or drying fish or chilies in the sun. The Thai word for this household is “ta-kraeng “, allthough depending on their purpose and the raw material to be treaten, they use different names and patterns. You can distinguish them by looking at their design. In this case, this tray has loosely weave, thin strips and concave base (not flat), therefore its use is for winnowing rice.


  – S: 32 – 35 cm

  – M: 36 – 40 cm

  – L: 41- 45 cm

| Thailand

CARE & USE:  This is a handmade product, therefore items can be slightly different one from another. Sunlight can affect the tone color. 

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